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Media Relations

A strategic media relations campaign is often the cornerstone of a successful PR program. Learn More ➞

Content Development

Companies no longer need to rely on the media to play middleman for their message. Everyone has the opportunity to develop content to share directly with customers, clients and audiences. Learn More ➞

Strategy & Planning

Key to any PR campaign is to know where you are and where you want to go. Learn More ➞

Messaging & Branding

We help you uncover the core of your company and how to convey that truth in every message and interaction. Learn More ➞

Social Media

Social media as a means to an end, not an end in itself. What business goals would you like to achieve and can social media help you get there? Learn More ➞

Media & Presentation Training

Whether for media, investors, public or internal audiences, we help clients confidently and succinctly share their message. Learn More ➞

Community Campaigns

Organizations have the potential to make significant positive impact in their communities. A commitment to doing good strengthens public trust and boosts internal morale. Learn More ➞


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Abel Communications is a results-oriented public relations firm dedicated to fresh thinking to help our clients achieve business goals.


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Our team hails from a variety of backgrounds but share a common commitment to help our clients grow and succeed.



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The Cost of Bad Content

The Cost of Bad Content

Quality content isn’t just what drives people to your brand, it’s what keeps them coming back. Good content generates leads, creates fans and spreads awareness. If created strategically and creatively, content engages us, entertains us, and might even teach us... read more

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Start big, then go local

Start big, then go local

Let’s reinforce the basics for media relations success: stories that are timely, out of the ordinary, targeted or local, and/or personality driven grab the most attention and get covered. When we work with clients, we always go back to those key factors before... read more