We help our clients run successful, comprehensive public relations programs. These programs all vary in scope, tactics, outcomes and goals.

Some focus heavily on media relations, while others are content heavy. Some seek to influence a local, Baltimore audience while others expand nationally.

Regardless of the details, there are certain fundamentals we apply to each program. These fundamentals are the foundation to a successful PR program.

What are these fundamentals? How can you start your own successful PR program?

We’ve decided to share our secrets in our new step-by-step guide, Create a Successful Public Relations Program.

Inside this guide you’ll find actionable tips like:

  • Identifying the correct media outlets and reporters
  • How to prep for a live interview
  • Social media Do’s and Don’ts
  • How to plan for a crisis situation
  • Much more

We hope this guide helps you achieve your company or organization’s goals. If you’re interested in help in executing a PR program, please let us know. You can reach me at greg@abelcommunications.com.


Greg Abel is President of Baltimore-based Abel Communications