media & presentation training

The big interview or investor pitch has arrived. This could be the one that launches your company into the spotlight. Are you ready for it?

Whether for media, investors, public or internal audiences, we help clients confidently and succinctly share their message.

We offer comprehensive media and presentation training that helps clients stop obsessing about PowerPoint slides and start focusing on what matters – the presenter. We focus on body language, word choice, message creation, appearance and attitude.

conquer any interview or speaking engagement

work with our team


President Abel shaking hands

Can you make a memorable and lasting impact on important audiences, including employees, clients, prospects and the media?


Abel Communications has partnered with media expert Gerry Sandusky and The Sandusky Group. Together, we provide unique, customized Expert Development services that will change the way you share your message.

core revolution

Through a hands-on, interactive exercise, you and your team will uncover the specific core values that concisely describe your organization. These values then drive business decisions throughout your organization, ranging from product to customer service to HR and more. This exercise will also help inform all communications initiatives by providing clear, aligned messaging.

elevate your game

This in-depth Presentation Skills session focuses on preparation and practice for high impact. We have developed an intense, tactical session that helps you in 3 specific ways: presentation process and development, mastering a physical stage presence and creating audience connection through storytelling.

spotlight ready

This Media Coaching session focuses on success in interview scenarios. The session addresses interview preparation and process, key strategies to stay on message and the best tactics to identify and avoid pitfalls. After this training session, you will be able to more confidently and successfully leverage TV, radio, print and digital interviews and appearances. (Includes video feedback.)

full court press

Customized half-day session that combines Core Revolution, Elevate Your Game and Spotlight Ready. Abel Communications and Gerry Sandusky will work together to create exactly the right program for your organization.


Gerry and the Abel Communications Team quickly and easily made relevant, impactful adjustments to the way in which we deliver our message. An amazing experience! No extreme makeover. Rather, they built on our individual strengths and provided each of us with 3-5 critical tools we now bring to EVERY encounter

David Charron

President & CEO, MRIS

The majority of our team attended, and all of the feedback was extremely positive. I personally went through the training and I have been able to apply what I learned to other engagements, whether it’s speaking at a conference, or even internally at various meetings. In fact, I’ve used this framework for every speaking opportunity since.

Jason Parry

Vice President of Client Solutions, Force 3