Competition for consumer attention is fierce. Amazon lists over 230 million items. There are over 130 million apps in both iTunes and Google Play. And a fragmented media landscape splinters audiences.

But there are ways to cut through the noise by finding the outlets most influential to your audiences. These might be broadcast media, social media or owned media. A combination of stories, content and interaction can solidify standing with current customers and help cultivate new ones.

case study: stx


STX is a global sporting goods leader in lacrosse, field hockey and ice hockey. Based in Baltimore, the company ushered in the modern era of lacrosse in 1970 with its introduction of the first synthetic lacrosse head. STX creates the equipment relied upon by the best players and teams in the world and continually strives to set new performance standards.

With participation and interest in youth lacrosse increasing at record levels, STX experienced tremendous demand for its products along with a need to attract top talent for its workforce. Its first PR priority was to establish itself as a premier and growing employment destination in the greater Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area. Once this position was solidified, STX enlisted Abel Communications to increase recognition for its products and brand as world class during a time of major growth.

STX logo


Following a competitive review, STX selected Abel Communications as its public relations firm of record. The Abel team worked with STX to define what made it an exciting place to work. We helped STX understand what set it apart and how to highlight special events and sponsorships that were previously underexposed, including the NCAA Lacrosse Championships.

Abel helped STX reconnect and reestablish important relationships with the local business and sports media. We made certain that anyone covering local companies knew what was happening at STX and received regular updates and interview opportunities. For its products, we helped coordinate the launch of STX’s first ever line of ice hockey gear, including the signing of its first NHL and women’s hockey athletes. We’ve also publicized STX’s first lacrosse helmet, highlighting the company’s continued history of sport equipment innovation.


Abel Communications has helped STX establish new relationships with local reporters and writers who have made STX coverage a priority. STX products and people have been featured in nearly every regional media outlet including Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Business Journal, all local TV affiliates, radio and more.

The Abel team has also helped STX tell its story of innovation and performance across all of its product categories: lacrosse, field hockey and ice hockey. The STX story has found a national audience, with feature placements in the Los Angeles Times, The List and Bloomberg Businessweek.

Abel was the one group that immediately understood our need most thoroughly. They came in, saw our need, they identified it and got down to creating solutions. It’s been amazing to see how we’ve been able to extend the reach of our communication beyond the Chesapeake Bay area and traditional lacrosse markets especially as we look to grow our business into new areas and new sectors that we are not currently involved in today.

I’d highly recommend Abel Communications for anybody looking to strengthen their communication whether it’s consumer focused, brand oriented or trade oriented. It’s really a fantastic organization to work with – bright, young, energetic people who understand the needs that we have on a daily basis and get after solving them. If you want action, then Abel Communications is definitely for you.

Ed Saunders

Director of Marketing, STX