senior living

Over 13 percent of America’s population, or roughly 40 million people, are age 65 or older. This number is expected to grown to over 72 million by the year 2030.

As this number grows, older Americans are living longer, more fulfilling lives. This is possible due to advances in healthcare and the emergence of the senior living industry.

Whether you are trying to reach potential residents or heighten your industry profile in trade publications, we know how to assist.

case study: presbyterian senior living


Presbyterian Senior Living is one of the largest not-for-profit providers of senior care in the country, providing a full range of high-quality healthcare, housing and other related community services directed primarily to people 55 and over.

Presbyterian Senior Living wanted to move forward its strategic plan, promote messages around senior care and wellness and position themselves as thought leaders within the senior care industry. The not-for-profit called upon Abel Communications to develop a comprehensive communications campaign with a core focus on media relations and content development.

Presbyterian Senior Living logo


To align public relations to support corporate goals, Abel Communications first developed a set of key messages. These would help define and refine our communications and media relations efforts. Our team then identified the audiences each message should reach and the channels in which we would do so. In our ongoing communications program, we work in partnership with PSL marketing staff to identify community initiatives, content opportunities and thought leadership subjects. We then create, distribute and place content in targeted media outlets and secure coverage for Presbyterian Senior Living and its community initiatives.

Media opportunities and story lines are strategically developed within three categories: date specific (such as community groundbreakings, transformations and expansion), community stories (around resident life, newsworthy campus events and release of research findings) and PSL brand stories (thought leadership, industry expertise and corporate initiatives).

The account team regularly communicates with corporate-level staff and conducts campus visits to speak with staff and residents to identify opportunities.



Presbyterian Senior Living’s partnership with Abel Communications has resulted in valuable national, regional, local and trade media placements. Through the ongoing PR efforts, Presbyterian Senior Living is regularly positioned as a leader in industry publications, has employees featured as experts by major media outlets and garnered a local share of voice for each of its 29 communities.

This focused effort has enabled us to develop relationships, support marketing efforts and tell the PSL brand story. Resident stories were featured on the Today Show and in local media to illustrate the vibrancy of seniors living in PSL communities. The growth and modernization of facilities have been highlighted in Central Penn Business Journal, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Philadelphia Inquirer and on ABC27. PSL representatives also serve as subject matter experts and thought leaders.

Abel Communications has been invaluable to Presbyterian Senior Living in developing our message and moving forward with our strategic plan. Through their efforts, they have helped to communicate our messages to critical audiences and significantly increased our visibility. The team understands what makes our brand unique and leverages our stories in a meaningful way.


Victoria Hess

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Presbyterian Senior Living