These days, it seems, every company is a technology company at some level. As such, pure play technology providers are in a great position to take advantage of this tremendous growth opportunity. But first, they must communicate their message.

We speak the language of Cloud, DevOps, Agile, virtualization, application testing and innovation. We speak it in a way that takes the abstract and explains it in terms that connect to the media and public.

Our PR programs for technology companies help them put their products, services, and people in front of the right audiences. We do this through a combination of content development, expert commentary and opportunistic media relations.

Does your technology company speak in a language that others can understand? What problems are you helping the world solve? We help technology companies earn their way to industry leadership.

case study: force 3


Force 3 is the network security company with a 20-year history of delivering, supporting and maintaining cost-effective IT products and services for federal agencies, enterprise organizations and their key partners. Force 3 wanted to expand its presence in trade and technology media by establishing key individuals as thought leaders in the technology and business community. It engaged Abel Communications for a comprehensive public relations campaign to help the company develop these key individuals as experts.

Force 3 logo


We first identified these key individuals with the help of Force 3’s marketing director. An Abel Communications account manager then met individually with the experts to get to know them and understand their key points of expertise and knowledge.

We provided media and speaker training for each expert to enhance their abilities in communicating key Force 3 messages during interviews.

To better understand the expert’s practice area, we implemented a repeatable process of monthly one-on-one conversations with experts to cultivate media friendly topics. These “Thought Leadership” calls required only an hour per month for each expert. Experts are asked their opinion on newsworthy events and topics and we then draft content and ideas for media.

These content and ideas are strategically pitched for editorial and other PR opportunities that align with the thought leader’s area of expertise. This focused effort allows us to secure columns and develop relationships with reporters so Force 3’s experts become the go-to sources for articles when expert opinion or commentary is required.


Force 3 didn’t have any media presence before it started work with Abel Communications. As a result of ongoing PR efforts, Force 3 regularly has employees featured as guest columnists and expert sources by top media outlets. From InformationWeek to Washington Post, NetworkWorld and Federal Computer Week, the program helps Force 3 outrank its competition by a wide margin in share of voice and frequency of media coverage.


Our engineers and experts are the key to helping Force 3’s customers achieve their goals. Abel understands both the federal landscape and today’s technology industry and how to position Force 3’s experts as thought leaders in both. They have a nose for the newsworthy and an understanding of how to strategically match our experts with opportunities where they can share their knowledge with our target audiences. Thanks to Abel Communications, we routinely garner meaningful media coverage that enhances our brand and positively impacts our business.

Tasha Klares

Marketing Team Lead, Force 3