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An Unconventional Partnership Makes (Just the Right Amount of) Noise

For the hard of hearing, dining out can be a challenge, the ambient noise and competing sounds make it difficult to take part in a conversation. The Hearing and Speech Agency (HASA) wanted to bring awareness to this issue and help those with hearing challenges enjoy their dining experiences. To do so, the Abel team created HASA’s Hearing Hospitality initiative. During Restaurant Week, we partnered with top-tier restaurants and HASA trained staff on how to better serve guests with hearing challenges. Guess what? We made a lot of noise, in just the right way, including high-profile media coverage, social engagement and a partnership with the SoundPrint app, a tool that measures and reports the noise level of popular restaurants.

Erin Stauder

Executive Director at Hearing and Speech Agency

We're very grateful that the Abel team was able to connect our mission with what was happening in Baltimore culture.

Erin Stauder, Executive Director at Hearing and Speech Agency


Pick-ups for Hearing Hospitality


Partnerships with Baltimore Restaurants


Pick-ups for SoundPrint Partnership

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