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Banking on Engagement with Illustrated eBook Campaign

Point Breeze Credit Union

  • Campaign Development + Execution
  • Content Production
  • Content Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Page Design
  • Social Media
  • Credit Union
  • Financial Services
  • Professional Services


Point Breeze Credit Union sought to demystify home equity loans, enhance financial literacy among members, and strengthen brand engagement while positioning itself as a community-focused financial institution. Together we were banking on engagement with an illustrated eBook campaign. 


We created a custom illustrated engaging eBook that distilled complex financial concepts into engaging, approachable content, launched it with a social media giveaway featuring a local brand, customized for platforms from Meta to email in order to meet audiences wherever they are.  

  • Developed the “What Would You Do With $150k” eBook featuring Baltimore-centric scenarios
  • Partnered with Black+Decker for a giveaway to bolster engagement and gather leads
  • Utilized paid social media, email marketing, and custom landing page design

The illustrated ebook campaign achieved unprecedented engagement, validating our content strategy and providing insights to inform future campaigns.


eBook form submissions within first month


Increase in engagement over the quarter


Highest performing post to-date

Droppin' knowledge like it's our job

Oh wait, it is