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Putting a Face to a Brand

Gemstone Biotherapeutics

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  • Technology
  • Activated a multichannel brand strategy with a focus on people

Refreshing a Startup's Digital Identity

For startup companies, a strong brand can be the difference between getting attention from the right investors or getting lost in the crowd. Gemstone Biotherapeutics knew their digital identity needed a refresh, and Abel was up for the task. Our research suggested that investors respond to the people at the helm of early-stage companies rather than the product, so we decided to personalize their assets by performing a digital audit, revamping their messaging strategy and collecting custom visual assets to strengthen the group’s multi-channel web presence. With a polished look and voice, Gemstone Biotherapeutics confidently expanded their marketing efforts with a newsletter, social content program, media strategy¬†and even a new website, using our branding, messaging and content to ensure they are properly represented as the break-through company they have become.

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