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Shining Bright Through Media Saturation


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Leveraging national coverage to elevate client mission

It’s no secret that holidays are typically a saturated time period in the news cycle — even Earth Day has an abundance of media pitches and story angles. Aligned with Earth Day’s mission to improve the health of society and the planet, BrightFarms wanted to generate buzz and awareness as a sustainable and people-centered company.

Through Abel’s Innovation Lab process, we worked with BrightFarms to develop a virtual reality field trip for elementary school students to tour a hydroponic greenhouse and learn about sustainable growing methods and nutrition. We were also able to bring the virtual reality field trip to a special education class in Milwaukee to give students an opportunity they otherwise wouldn’t have due to sensory challenges. 

Even with all the Earth Day clutter, we secured solid coverage in every one of BrightFarms’ local markets as well national outlets, such as NowThis. NowThis featured the virtual reality field trip and an interview with BrightFarms’ Brand Manager on its social channels. The coverage created tremendous buzz about our client and its mission, while growing awareness among its target audience.







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