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Shining the spotlight on healthcare careers during the pandemic

Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences

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Helping PA College Recruit New Healthcare Heroes with Ongoing Media Coverage


COVID-19 exacerbated an already strained healthcare ecosystem with national labor shortages surging and a swell of employee turnover. With as many as 47% of healthcare workers planning to leave their jobs by 2025, the challenge is clear: a new generation of healthcare heroes must be recruited and trained.


The Abel team successfully created a media relations program for the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences to showcase its Center for Excellence in Practice. The 2000-square-foot, 24-room simulated learning space (one of the few in the U.S.) is designed to give its students the hands-on, immersive educational experience to prepare them for the workforce demands they’d meet upon graduation. We also opportunistically pitched the regional press on other events and storylines generated by the school and our collaboration with their marketing team..


By effectively positioning Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences as a trailblazer in higher education with its unique simulation lab, we generated dozens of stories in print, broadcast and online – positioning PA College as a leader in preparing the next generation of healthcare workers.

Lancaster County college students partake in mass casualty training


Susquehanna Valley health care students learn to care for low-income patients


Med students step up as shortage of mental health professionals continues

CBS 21


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This is excellent coverage!! Thanks so much for your efforts in bringing our College to so many homes via all this media coverage!

Mary Grace Simcox, former President of Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences

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