For the past several years, Abel Communications has been working with leadership coach Ted Capshaw to create a culture of honest and productive feedback in our workplace. Ted is one of those coaches who you might call tough but fair. He is encouraging and supportive, but never accepts easy answers.

Want proof? Listen to our most recent Abel Minded Podcast, where Ted and I sit down and discuss why most business leaders do a terrible job of providing feedback to employees; and typically fail to create a culture where professional and honest feedback is expected and appreciated.

I value Ted’s coaching so much that we decided to share his thinking and influence with other local business leaders at a special event on Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017 at Spark Baltimore. The theme of the evening is, How to Lead a Rich Life. In his talk, Ted will focus on helping leaders find purpose and meaning in their work. And, oh yeah, there will also be lots of great food and drink. If you’re interested in attending, please drop me a line at

Ted believes in giving gifts in the workplace in order to grow and thrive. Not gifts in the literal sense, but gifts in the form of honesty and support and other specific activities.

As he states on the podcast, What I’ve found is that most people go to work only to seek out what they can get from the workplace. As I’ve coached leadership teams, I started to think to myself, imagine if everyone approached work with a mindset of, today I’m going to give.

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