The pandemic has been a catalyst for change and disruption in nearly every aspect of our lives — both at home and at work. 

Abel communications partnered with the Metropolitan Baltimore chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to host a discussion addressing mental health in the remote workplace. Kerry Graves, the Executive Director of NAMI Metropolitan Baltimore, joined us to provide valuable insight for employers and employees struggling to manage this challenging time. 

This on-demand webinar covers: 

  • How employers can address the stigma of mental health in the workplace
  • What resources employers can provide employees to help maintain wellness
  • How teams can better connect with coworkers during this time
  • How leaders and managers can look for signs of distress and raise the issue with employees, without overstepping

This webinar is the fourth in Abel Communications’ Communicating in a Crisis series. For a look back at past webinars on Communicating in a Crisis, visit our Insights.

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