While the coronavirus crisis is undoubtedly a pandemic, it is also very personal. Every business has been impacted; every leader and employee has been forced to adapt.

Whether you lead or manage a team, a project, or just yourself, have you found the right rhythm and resources to motivate yourself and those around you?

As part of our Communicating in a Crisis webinar series, business and leadership coach Ted Capshaw joined me to explain how companies can lead with empathy — both now and in the future. 

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn: 

• How to lead with empathy in challenging times
• How to keep ‘A players’ from leaving your company post-pandemic
• How to deepen trust among colleagues in order to run a better business
• How to communicate difficult decisions to employees
• The importance of doubling down on the fundamentals of leadership
• Why the pandemic is an opportunity to evolve as a leader

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