As more and more businesses begin to discuss returning to the office, many questions and concerns must be addressed. No one will be able to just “flip a switch” and have things go back to normal. Successful organizations will intentionally leverage the experiences of the past few months to learn, grow and evolve.

I was joined by Marc Kolp, Director, Center for Leadership and Innovation at UMBC Training Centers, for a webinar on the leadership challenges and opportunities associated with going – or not going – back to the office.

Watch the on-demand webinar below for answers to these questions and more:

  • Has the definition of ‘workplace’ changed forever?
  • What aspects of remote work should all leaders aim to sustain, post pandemic?
  • What are the right questions to ask employees in preparation for a return to the workplace?
  • How can leaders effectively understand and leverage the collective wisdom gained by employees during this period of remote work?
  • How might we handle conflict when some employees may not want to return to the office or don’t feel they’ll be as effective when doing so?
  • What aspects of being in the office together might be reinforced when the time comes?

This webinar is the fourth in Abel Communications’ Communicating in a Crisis series. For a look back at past webinars on Communicating in a Crisis, visit our Insights.

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