Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet 2017

Your business social media page is an opportunity.

It can help you attract new customers while staying top-of-mind for your current base. Often your social media page will be the first place a potential customer interacts with your brand. When they visit your page, it’s almost like they’re visiting your home. And as the host, you’ll want to keep your home neat and tidy.

The way you present yourself visually will be the first thing your audience notices about your business. You could be a rockstar company with a remarkable service, but if your Facebook banner is cut off and your profile picture is pixelated? You might lose your credibility before the visitor has read a single word about your business. The design of your page is a chance to make a statement about your values, and it feeds into the overarching story you’re telling about your brand. So why not get it right? You only get one first impression after all.