Visual storytelling in its many forms photos, videos, and graphics, has become something of a trend in our profession, and for good reason. All of us are attuned to looking for visuals that go along with stories to help further illustrate, clarify, or explain.

At Abel Communications, we’ve recently made an investment in our visual storytelling with the hiring of Chelsea Clough, our new full-time multimedia content creator. Chelsea joined us earlier this year and her time has been steadily booked ever since! Everyone, it seems, wants to add eye-catching photos and engaging videos to their websites, social feeds, and other marketing materials. And these days, media publications often won’t even consider your story unless you have a visual component.

We live in interesting times. Just about everyone has a camera and video recorder with them at all times. While there are certainly more visuals in the world than ever, many of them aren’t very good. So let’s stop being OK with mediocre, shall we? Your brand deserves better than someone “winging it” with a smartphone.

Ready to tell your story with eye-catching photos and videos? Drop me a line today at and we can get started.