Our team recently spent a full day working with our partners and digital marketing consultants, Convince and Convert. Jay Baer and his colleague, Anna Hrach traveled to Baltimore to help our team deepen our knowledge of digital and social in order to take our thinking and expertise to a new level.

It would be impossible to condense a day of learning into a quick blog post, but here’s one useful nugget of information I’d like to share as a way of extending our new learnings to those of you who have taken the time to read this post.

Many brands sit around and think about what to create or share in social. Often this might be driven by the calendar, or a new product or promotion. But, with current social media algorithms, it’s more important than ever before to help our clients create “Talk Triggers” that will motivate audiences to talk positively and excitedly about a brand online.

According to Jay, we use digital to communicate analog. Which is to say that what gets talked about online usually starts with something that happens in the real world. For example, a great Talk Trigger used by Southwest Airlines is their friendly culture with an emphasis on customer service and humor. In this post, for example, Jay cited a Southwest crew that showcased the artwork of a young passenger at the front of the plane, bringing a smile to everyone on board.