Today’s a leap day! A freebie. Our challenge? To view this day not just as a calendar quirk, but a call to take a leap and go big when it comes to creative marketing. In an oversaturated communications landscape, you can’t afford not to take risks. Let’s look at a few ways you can embrace the leap year spirit and step out of your comfort zone.   


1. Don’t Say No

When you’re brainstorming big ideas today, take a cue from improv and say “yes, and.” Putting aside reductive thinking lets you dream big without limiting yourself. Imagine if there were no constraints, budgetary or legal or otherwise. This approach is all about exploring every avenue, skipping over the obvious and getting to the innovative. The only way to be unconventional is to be unconventional—so give yourself that freedom and let this be the day you embrace the impossible.

For example, if you’re thinking about ways to celebrate a milestone or recognize a colleague’s achievement, let your brain run wild without thinking, “but we’d never be able to pull that off.” Just let those limiting beliefs go and see where your imagination takes you.     


2. Find Inspiration

Inspiration can come from unexpected places. Look beyond your immediate industry to businesses and movements that have broken the mold. What made their ideas stick? How did they captivate their audience? It’s not about replicating their success but igniting your own creativity. Identify three ideas that resonate with you and explore how you can adapt and evolve these concepts into something uniquely yours.

Here’s a fun way to get into it: Play the game of “where else…” Think about what you’re trying to achieve and look for other people who have accomplished the same goal, especially outside of your industry. For example, if you want to celebrate your company’s anniversary on social media, think about who else does a great job of bringing people together to celebrate. Take inspiration from a music festival: write an anniversary song, create an anniversary lineup of events and promote that, take the company on a camping trip. Don’t worry if it sounds silly, you can always say no later. 


3. The Power of a Walk

Where were you the last time you had a great idea? Odds are, it was not at your desk! Never underestimate the creative boost a simple walk or change of scenery can provide. It’s a chance to reset, gain a new perspective, and let your subconscious tackle the challenges you’ve been wrestling with at your desk. Research supports the notion that walking enhances creative thinking and problem-solving. By allowing yourself this space, you open up to new ideas, insights, and the spontaneous connections that can lead to your next big breakthrough.


Take a Leap

This leap day, take a leap! Add an exciting chapter to your story. At Abel Communications, we’re dedicated to redefining what’s possible, championing the innovative and the bold. We believe that with the right mindset, this leap day can be the launchpad for ideas that not only capture attention, but also motivate your audience in the right direction and raise the bar for your next big campaign. 

So, take this moment to leap into a new way of thinking. Give yourself this one day to push beyond the expected, where your ideas don’t just fill the space but transform it. Go big, and make this leap day a testament to the power of creativity and, just maybe, the beginning of something truly extraordinary.