Welcome to What’s the Big Idea? from Abel Communications, a podcast about ideas: where they come from, what they have the power to achieve, and why some ideas catch on while others falter.

In this episode, Greg is joined by Adam Lindquist, VP of Programs and Environmental Initiatives at the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, and the creative mind behind the iconic Mr. Trash Wheel persona. The two dive into the creation of Mr. Trash Wheel and his role in helping clean the Inner Harbor. Adam discusses how he and his team have used the anthropomorphic water wheel to expand and engage their audience base while generating environmental change.

Then, Mr. Trash Wheel himself answers Greg’s burning questions.

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Follow Adam Lindquist on LinkedIn at @adam-lindquist and learn more about the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore at waterfrontpartnership.org. Be sure to keep up with Mr. Trash Wheel on Twitter at @MrTrashWheel and meet the entire Trash Wheel family at mrtrashwheel.com.

The Baltimore Floatilla will be held Saturday, June 4 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Register now at https://waterfrontpartnership.org/healthy-harbor/floatilla.