Welcome to What’s the Big Idea? from Abel Communications, a podcast about ideas: where they come from, what they have the power to achieve, and why some ideas catch on while others falter.

In this episode, Greg is joined by Roz Cauthen, executive director at Baltimore School for the Arts (BSA). The two delve into the ways educational institutions have innovated over the past two years, how interpersonal priorities have changed in the post-pandemic world and the enduring importance of the arts in all of our lives. Roz discusses how her experiences as a leader have revealed the importance of taking care of oneself first, and how we should all continue to insist on excellence while keeping empathy in mind.

Between March 3 – 6, BSA will be hosting Expressions 2022: The Stories Behind the Masks. This annual event serves as both an important fundraiser for the school and features performances by students both in-person and virtually. Proceeds will go to everything from school performances, tutoring and scholarships to textbooks, paintbrushes and pointe shoes.

Buy your tickets now at bsfa.org/foundation/expressions.

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