Much has already been written and said about #WeAreBaltimore in response to the president’s negative comments about our city and its residents.

One of the most poignant messages came from CNN anchor Victor Blackwell, whose emotional response should be seen by everyone who wants to better understand why the president’s words struck such a strong chord.

Personally, I am most hopeful about Baltimore when I spend time in energetic, creative, diverse environments such as R House in Remington, the former car dealership turned food hall. At R House, you might encounter anyone from college students to creative professionals, business people, families, and start-up entrepreneurs.

Down the road a bit you’ll find one of the most prestigious universities in the country, Johns Hopkins, and right next to it the Baltimore Museum of Art. The office of Abel Communications is nearby, located on the third floor of a grand old brick building that housed the Northern District Police Headquarters for over 100 years.

We love it here and enjoy the city’s charms and offerings while being aware, of course, of the challenges the city faces and the problems it must confront.

We have amazing restaurants and eclectic neighborhoods. On a regular basis, national publications call Baltimore one of the best places to visit or to create a new business.

But then, yeah, we have rats and a high murder rate and what seems like a revolving door in the offices of mayor and police commissioner.

Baltimore can’t be summed up in a tweet. Our city is beautiful and vibrant and rich with potential. Our city is gritty and troubled and segregated.

When I close my eyes and think of Baltimore, the Baltimore I see is filled with kind and talented people.

I choose to live here and raise a family here and run a business here because Baltimore is home. One of my favorite things to do is take first-time visitors to Fell’s Point and show them the cobblestone streets and walk along the water. If you have a beer and some tasty food and cap it off with ice cream on a warm summer night, you might just feel like you’re in the greatest city in the world.