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Our Team

All we do is win.

"Mr. Connected"

Greg Abel

Founder and CEO

"Director of Client Happiness"

Jessica Fast

Vice President

Mister Hat Trick

Damian Rintelmann

Chief Digital Officer, Creative Director

"Office Mom"

Cindy D’Alonzo

Director of Operations

Head of Humor

Emily McDermott

Senior Account Director

"Ms. Keeping It Cool"

Mara Bensing

Account Manager

"Adobe Acrobat"

Martin Thompson

Senior Creative Lead

"Miss In-The-Know"

Alex Wilson

Senior Account Executive

"Nick with the News"

Nick Jones

Account Executive

"Spelling Bee Champ"

Ellina Buettner

Account Executive

"Resident Polymath"

Katie Beecher

Associate Account Executive

"Singer Solstice"

Ciara Franklin

Associate Account Executive

"Half-Pint Hustler"

Lia Hyman

Associate Account Executive

"Font Fanatic"

Madeline Arbutus

Content Creator

Big Ideas & Beers

We do both